T R A V E L :: Weekend in NYC♡

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This weekend me and @Jaybaby went on a little trip to NYC! I love everything about the city from the energy to the food to the fashion to the people watching to the millions of adorable coffee shops! I plan to eventually live and work here so every time I come to the city I try to observe as much as possible and really take it all in!

~This is a photo heavy post of my cute coffee, delicious munchies, a few selfies, and some other random things that are just #SoNYC~


B E S T   C O F F E E  :   J O E & T H E J U I C E 

Organic juice, coffee, and food. We loved it because it was cute, fast service, and most importantly, the coffee was delicious!

NYC♡ NYC♡ NYC♡ NYC♡ ironic that things would line up this way….I  LOVE  coffee!


^ side of the road pretzel before Central Park


F A V O R I T E  M E A L : The Melt Shop

We were starving when we walked by this place and we knew what we had to do. I got a classic grilled cheese on sour dough,

and Jason got a cheeseburger grilled cheese. We split loaded Tots. is was as delicious as it looks and sounds!

NYC♡    NYC♡ NYC♡     NYC♡


because I AM technically a tourist : T I M E S   S Q U A R E (at night).

NYC♡   NYC♡    NYC♡

I realize that I mostly love NYC for the food, and I am not sorry about it!

*BTW the featured image is of the subway- we did not even use the subway at any point during the weekend, ha! We have no idea how to work that ish!

Thanks for reading!!

XX -Kaylee

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