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Hey guys

Today I am sharing some little tips + tricks I like to do that make my average day to day life just a liiiitle bit more “luxurious” and enjoyable! While I love routines, sometimes life can feel a little boring repeating the same actions over and over again. Same drive, same work, same gym. BUT, that’s life, and these routines are unavoidable, so why not make them a little more special?? For me, it really is about the little things and #LivingYourBestLife. All of the following tips consistently make my life a little happier than it would be without them! Keep on reading!

  • – Enjoy Your Morning Coffee
  • Or tea. (but mostly coffee). Don’t just drink your coffee in the morning, thoroughly enjoy drinking it! Find a coffee blend you love and don’t settle for less. Don’t buy a bag of coffee just because it’s $2 cheaper than the one you want because you won’t enjoy it as much, and enjoying your life is what is important here! I have been loving Peet’s Holiday blend lately and enjoying my morning jo while I get ready sets the tone for the whole day- plus let’s all agree there is nothing worse than a terrible cup of coffee in the morning

  • – Buy a Pretty Mug-
  • If you’re anything like me, you’re obsessed with cute mugs. Target and any Tjx brand store are GOLDMINES for cute mugs (so keep that in mind).
  • Whether it’s for home or a travel mug for your car ride to work, as we know from my first point, a morning coffee is crucial for a good day. Take it a step further and love the mug you drink out of! I am very visual so I am a huge aesthetics person and pretty things genuinely lift my spirits. Drinking out of an adorable mug isn’t a huge deal in my overall day but when the mug’s natural beauty catches my eye…it perks up my morning! The featured set of mugs below makes me feel like a Victoria’s Secret angel for obvious reasons, and that makes me very happy. #AGirlCanDream

– C A N D L E S

Need I say more? Who could be upset while the smell of cupcakes or Christmas tree fills the air? Candles also can be super cute and act as decor but BEWARE: Candles can become absolutely addicting to buy…

– Nice Smelling/Pretty Hand Soap –

While my current financial status would put me at “87 cent bottle of softsoap”, where’s the fun in that? I don’t want to look at my bathroom counter and see a Soft soap dispenser, I need some pizazz. I need some delicious scents and soft soap just can’t give me the luxurious hand washing I need. This soap smells delicious, it’s aesthetic, and it acts as a decoration in my bathroom. I buy all of my soaps at Homegoods/Marshalls/TJMaxx because they always have a tasteful selection and good prices. In my kitchen I have an essential oil infused charcoal liquid hand soap and in my bathroom I have this pretty sea kelp hand wash, and I love them both!

  • – Essential Oil showers –
  • This is probably my favorite tip for adding “luxury” to my life. Why take a normal shower when you can put a couple drops of refreshing lemon or eucalyptus essential oil, or a couple drops of relaxing lavender? The steam smells like a spa, and it makes the entire shower sooo much more enjoyable and relaxing, like a rebirth. V relaxing. V luxe. Definitely worth trying…especially for an early morning, or end of day shower!

  • – Enjoy Your Skincare Routine – 
  • I used to think of skin care as a chore that had to be done, but it doesn’t have to feel that way! Skin care is a privilege so find a face routine you love, a face mask you love, and enjoy pampering yourself! I love doing my morning + nightly skincare routine even though it only takes 5 minutes! Bonus: Have a glass of red wine while you face mask (French women swear by it for their beauty!….and it’s basically a fruit). Enjoy!

  • – Coffee Table Books – 
  • You probably love to read but never have the time. Have books laying around so you can pick one up and read a chapter or a little blurb in your couple minutes of free time between getting home from work and making dinner or doing homework. Self improvement books, books on happiness, or informative books on things you are interested in are great to have laying around! Reading for fun always makes me feel more relaxed and accomplished than I do after watching TV, and I always feel more motivated and inspired if I’m reading!

Hopefully, some of these tips work for you and brighten up your day!

Thanks for reading! 


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    What a beautiful list of things to brighten your day Kaylee! I particularly love taking the time to enjoy and slowly drink my chai in the morning and I also love adding essential oils to my showers — so delightful!


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      Hey Chloe, I’m just seeing this comment now- I’m glad you liked the post! Essential oil showers really are delightful!
      XX -KK

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