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2016 was a huge growth year for me in terms of really figuring out my specific beauty needs, and learning what works best for me!

After reading The book “The French Beauty Solution”, I realized beauty isn’t all about quick fixes. I shouldn’t be looking for foundation that hides my dry skin, I should be looking for something to fix my dry skin. Quick fixes aren’t benefiting me in the long run, and the long run is what truly matters. In 2016 I made some huge life changes and honestly I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin! These are my favorite, most beneficial beauty finds of 2016 for skin care, hair, and makeup!

Skin care-

  1. 1. Baby wipes- baby wipes are one of the most important things in my skin care routine. I use baby wipes to wipe off my makeup because makeup removing wipes usually make my skin break out in a small rash or they just irritate my skin in general. Most people are surprised when I tell them I use baby wipes but…if it’s gentle enough for a baby then it is gentle enough for adult skin!

2. Alba Botanical acnedote astringent- This product made ALL the difference in my acne. I had swollen, in grown pimples and this astringent really got underneath them and got rid of them almost completely! This product is so important to me that I will usually re-buy it before I even run out because I love it so much! (that says a lot because I am usually a huge procrastinator)

3. Unrefined coconut oil- I have been “using” coconut oil for years (before eyelash extensions I used it as a natural eye makeup remover)!! In 2016, I abandoned all other skin creams and started using coconut oil as my face moisturizer and my skin is healthier, clearer, and more “supple” now! This is something that works for all skin types and I 100% recommend!!

4. Rosehip Oil- I didn’t start using rosehip oil until probably November, but I’m never going back!! This oil is super moisturizing, and it fights against acne. I usually put this around my nose and under my eyes before bed (I put this on after I’ve applied coconut oil). I also put this in my hair to tame frizz!

5. Water- We are made up of like 70% water or something crazy like that, so water is absolutely essential for fresh, glowing skin. Although I DO have really dry skin, a lot of my “dry” skin was actually dehydrated AF skin because I wasn’t drinking enough water. Making sure I get enough water every day (most days) has made a huge difference in my skin!

**I REALLY have improved my skin so much. Of course I still get pimples and I still break out sometimes, but it is no where near as bad as it used to me and the quality of my skin has improved  SO SO much. Even still when I am washing my face and I feel my skin I am surprised by how good it feels compared to how it used to! (Read full skin care routine HERE!)


  1. 1. Dry shampoo- You knew dry shampoo would be on this list. I usually only wash my hair 1-2 times a week (it’s healthy!!), so using dry shampoo is a LIFE saver when I gt towards the end of the week! I found dry shampoo way before 2016 but it still holds a huge spot in my 2016 beauty must haves because it is amazing!!! (Read Batiste dry shampoo review HERE!)

2. Rose hip oil- Like I already said above, I use rose hip oil in the ends of my hair to tame frizz, and just give it a shiny sleek look! Many different oils can be used for hair but this oil doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it look greasy at all so I really love using it!

3. Purple shampoo- This is something that will really only help out my fellow blondies (or brown-blonde ombre) , but purple shampoo is amazing because it keeps the brassiness/ yellow tones out of blonde hair! Purple is a compliment of yellow (opposite color on the color wheel) so washing your hair with a dark dark purple shampoo tones and “equalizes” your hair into a more white-blonde, ashy, natural looking color! Must buy for all blondes.

4. Water- Like is said before, adding water to your diet improves your hair skin and overall health, it is very important!!


  1. 1. Eyelash extensions– As you should know from my eyelash extension review, I am obsessed. I just started to get my eyelash extensions in September, and I really can’t imagine not having them anymore. I have natural blonde lashes so they are not the most long and luscious lashes in the world. With the power of eyelash extensions, I woke up like this, I had to do nothing to make my eyelashes look great, and I feel so fab all the time! (Read full eyelash extension review HERE!)

2. Highlighter- I have no specific brand to mention for highlighter because honestly, I love them all. I love the look of “dewy” skin, and highlighter helps me achieve that look. I feel totally incomplete without it, and I think it pulls any makeup look together.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow- I originally bought this because SO many beauty Youtubers use it in their videos that I had to give it a try. This dip brow is a water resistant pomade so you apply it with an angled eyebrow brush. Because it’s a pomade, there are no harsh pencil lines so creating a natural look is really easy. The pomade comes in a huge shade range, and once you put it on your brows its not going anywhere. (That’s right- eyebrows on fleek the WHOLE day). This is my favorite eyebrow product that I have been using every day since July! (Read full Dipbrow review HERE!)

4. Maybelline brightening concealer- I originally bought this product again, because a lot of beauty Youtubers use it, AND it’s drug store so it had to be good. I also bought this product because I stopped using heavy creams on my face (face cream, thick concealer, liquid foundation), and this brightening concealer is a VERY thin formula so it doesn’t clog your pores, it doesn’t cake up, and it does its job! I love this product! (Read full review HERE!)

I have used wayyyyyyy more products than I have listed here but these are the beauty products that I can’t live without!

Thanks for reading!

XX -Kaylee K

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