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Hey, guys! Today’s post is all about MAKEUP.

The wonderful world of makeup. I’m pretty sure I was born a makeup lover, I think most makeup lovers are. I remember always being so interested in my mom’s makeup box, and I would always wonder how she got her eyeshadow and eyeliner to be so perfect. She would always tell me “years of practice; you’ll be good at it when you’re older too”. What she forgot to mention was “years of practice, and many more years of horrible, awkward failures, and THEN you will be good at doing your own makeup”. Boy did I fail, but with the failure comes funny memories, and then nostalgia. I’m sure we all have our fair share of funny makeup memories! Below are some of mine, from dreamy first encounters to major application fails!

*My prized possession, when I was little, was a neon pink glitter lipstick. It had the smell of play makeup from Toys ‘R Us (because it was). I always recognize the smell play makeup has, it brings me right back to my childhood*

*I remember receiving play makeup (lipgloss palettes/ eyeshadow palettes) as gifts for my birthday from extended family when I was like 8 and being SO excited. Shout out to sparkly lip smackers and glitter gel eyeshadow*

*One time my friend and I found a blush stick (like a contour stick) and we told my little sister we were going to do her makeup but she had to keep her eyes closed….we actually just colored her whole face with the blush stick (sorry lyndsie) hehe ((don’t worry, we got in trouble for it))*

*I used to put white sparkly eyeshadow in the corner of my eye to make them “pop” (not like a cute highlighter pop like a blob of white, unblended eyeshadow)*

*watching my first beauty YouTubers in like 2007, thinking they were so cool despite their terrible quality (and lack of knowlegde). Now beauty Youtubers have full blown production studios set up for their videos, and they create incredible videos!*

*I would walk into Sephora and try on ALL of the crazy metallic eyeshadows, and any other profucts I thought were cool… and then I would walk around the mall with it on my face like a clown, lol!*

*I used my fingers to apply foundation/ concealer and didn’t care about washing my hands first – pimple city, bitch.*

*I used to set liquid foundation with powdered foundation. That is an exact recipe for #CakeFace*

*I used to wear a foundation like 4 shades too dark to “skip bronzer” lol….unfortunately my neck skipped out on foundation AND bronzer* (btw DIY brozer is here)

*I used to spray my makeup with hairspray – HAIR. SPRAY. – to make it last longer (pretty sure this lead to years of cystic acne btw)*

*I used to sleep with my makeup on*

*I plucked almost all of my eyebrows off at one point so I had a “better canvas” to completely draw them on (:(*

*^ I used to draw them on with a wayy too dark pencil, and I used to draw a literal square in the front of my eyebrows to make them shaped “better”…..*

I remember walking into Sephora in a state of wonder and awe, not knowing what anything was used for but knowing I loved every second of it and that I was among my people. I used to wonder if I would ever know what serums, primers, and setting powders were actually used for…now I know wayy too much about makeup, ha!

Thanks for reading! What are some of your favorite makeup memories (or least favorite) faux pas?


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