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Hey, guys! Today’s post is for DIY bronzer!

As you may or may not know, I love makeup. I love everything about it….except that it’s loaded with chemicals. As someone who likes to eat as clean and chemical free as possible, the thought that I’m putting a bunch of chemicals on my face anyway is always in the background while I’m doing my makeup. I’ve switched my skin care routine and I got rid of all moisturizers that weren’t coconut oil, or other 100% natural oils. Read more about that here.

Now, I can eliminate ONE more unnatural thing from the list: bronzer! I found this recipe on Pinterest from multiple different sources.


  • arrowroot powder
  • cocoa
  • Argan oil

*can be found at WholeFoods*


  • – WHAT TO DO –
  • Start with arrowroot powder as the base, and mix in cocoa as needed. The arrowroot powder dilutes the color of the cocoa, and it also helps the cocoa stick to your face and work well as makeup. Completely mix the powders together adding more or less to reach your desired bronzer tone. Once the powders were completely mixed, I added a couple drops of Argan oil and mixed it in for a little extra moisture. You might have to mix the argan oil in with a mortar and pestle to mix it better. After everything is mixed up you’re good to go! Because this is a loose powder, I apply it with a big fluffy brush.

100% natural

Smells like chocolate

You will have extra supplies which means you can make more later which also = saving money on bronzer!

smells like chocolate

has no orange-y artificial color

I really love how this bronzer looks, and I LOVE how it smells! I don’t think store-bought bronzer has any extra benefits other than the convenience of not having to DIY (even though it seriously only takes 2 seconds).

For more natural DIY’s, check out DIY Coffee Scrub & DIY Turmeric Teeth Whitening.

Thanks for reading!



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    This is so interesting, I’ve never heard of a DIY bronzer. How does it look/last once on the face?

    1. Reply

      It lasts all day because of the consistency of the arrowroot flour! It goes on smoothly like normal bronzer, I have been wearing it for about 2 weeks now!

      XX -KK

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