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Hey, guys!

Today’s post is all about Boothbay Harbor in Maine, AKA the cutest little town ever!

Boothbay is an aesthetic little water town in Maine that is full of general stores, quirky little shops (including a whole store dedicated to whoopie pies), dogs EVERYWHERE (!!!), and good eats (especially if you’re into lobster). It’s a tourist’s dream! For the past couple years, I have been coming to Boothbay with my boyfriend’s family, who has been coming for the past 50 years! It’s such a beautiful little town, and we had so much fun, so you know I had to blog about it! Keep on reading!

I got 1 scoop of Butter Pecan and 1 scoop of Maine Blueberry!

^ The aforementioned whoopie pie place! There were soo many options to choose from, and each whoopie pie is only $2.00! (and around 800 calories for ONE, but calories don’t count on vacation amirite?)

SURPRISE, big Al came to visit!

Enchantments = the coolest store ever!  It’s a little hippie store filled with crystals, trinkets, wind chimes, tapestries, books, candles, jewelry, and a million other things, but the best part is that the floor is covered in glitter! Everytime I come to Boothbay I come to this store at least twice.

Peep the new middle finger ring from enchantments!

^The New Englaner who doesn’t like lobster. -a memoir.

These drinks were called Mermaid Water so we had to have one because we are very clearly mermaids!!! Mermaid water = Captain Morgan, Malibu, Blue Curacao, orange juice. #MermaidsArePartyAnimals

Last but not least, would ya just look at that sunset. Would ya just look at it.

        Thanks for reading!

   XX -KK




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    It looks so pretty there, I love the sunset!

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