HAPPIE THOUGHTS :: Embracing your Qualities, Not your Flaws

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Hey, guys!

Today I want to talk about embracing yourself and embracing your best qualities, instead of focusing on your flaws!

We live in a weird society where everyone is constantly spreading the message that “everyone is beautiful” and that we should “embrace our flaws”, and yet no one follows the rule for themselves? We’re all spreading this great advice, meanwhile, no one is listening to it for ourselves!! I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like my flaws -that’s why they’re called flaws. I know no one else views them the way I do, but it’s hard not to notice them when it’s a part of you!

It’s hard not to wish your hair was straighter or curlier like hers, or that your skin was darker or lighter, like hers. Or that you were shorter or taller, like her. Guess what? She probably wishes the same thing about you! The grass is always greener guys, and I am not trying to pretend I never have thoughts like those, but I am starting to realize more and more, that I am not changing, I am not ever going to have those things (which is okay), and that I should start appreciating and embracing what I do have! #IfYouGotitFlauntit #ButWeAllGotit #Amirite

What I’ve been trying to do lately instead of “embracing my flaws” is embracing my qualities! We all know that positive reinforcement works better than negative reinforcement. It’s a fact. So if we positively reinforce our qualities, that will be what we focus on, leaving our “flaws” to take the backseat! If we put more focus on loving ourselves, we will love ourselves more! There are way too many people who don’t love themselves!

  • So what do you love most about yourself? Your curly hair? Your long legs? Your skin tone? Your eyes? Embrace those qualities!

If you love your skin, spend more money on skin care products than on makeup, so that your beautiful skin shines through!

If you love your curly hair, buy nicer hair products that make your curls look extra soft and bouncy!

If you love your eyes, wear colors that make them pop!

You should focus on investing in your qualities so that they really shine through to you and become what you focus on. Most of the time when we buy makeup, we’re using it to cover up something or hide a flaw. Spend less money on hiding your flaws and more money to accentuate your favorite qualities!

Since I’ve started to embrace my own qualities, I honestly have been so much happier. It’s way better to spend time embracing what you DO have in life than to waste time wishing for things you don’t have!

Hopefully that made sense and isn’t just one big long ramble lol! Thanks for reading!




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  1. Reply

    I like those thoughts. It can be really hard sometimes though!

    1. Reply

      Thank you! The outlook is definitely hard sometimes, but it’s a process (that I am still learning)!


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    Love this post, I can relate so much to these thoughts.
    Really important, been trying to embrace mine more recently, definitely better for your mood and attitude towards life!

    1. Reply

      Thank you, Lauryn! It’s a much more positive mindset for sure, but it takes some work to get into it!

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