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Hey, guys!

Today’s DIY is DIY car mats which are peerrrrrfect for the upcoming weather. #WinterIsComing which means slush, salt, and water to ruin your cars’ interior! Of course, you could just buy car mats, but I wasn’t up for spending $50 on car mats when there are beautiful clothes and skin care products to be bought in this world…so I made my own!

I have had these mats in my car since last November, and they have held up great! Keep reading to find out how to make your own car mats!


I bought these rugs at 5 Below for $5 a peice. They were pretty huge, So I used 1 + 1/2 rugs for my car!  Step one is to cut each rug in half! ***THE KEY** is to cut the rug in half vertically (cut it the hot dog way instead of the hamburger way,  and it should look as pictured below). If you cut the rug along the seams, the rug starts to unravel and it will totally fall apart!

  • – STEP TWO –
  • Step 2 is to figure out how to best fit the mat in your car. For my back seat I was able to lay the rug down as basically a runner, but for my 2 front seats that are separated, I had to fold the mats in half (because remember, you can’t cut the strings that hold the rug together or it will fall apart).
  • – STEP THREE –
  •  Secure the mat in place with push pins! Make sure the push pins are decently heavy-duty so they won’t fall out and your car mat won’t slide all over the place. You can push the pins into the floor of your car. I originally tried to use velcro to keep the mats in place, but it didn’t stick to the floor enough so I tore all of the velcro off and used push-pins instead!
  • – STEP FOUR –
  • Step four = you’re done! This tutorial wasn’t extremely detailed, but it’s pretty self explanitory!

Thanks for reading! If you make these let me know how they turn out!



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