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  Hey, guys!

Today I  wanted to share my most recent purchase that I am obsessed with. So obsessed that even though I feel weird about writing an entire blog post about one coat, #ImStillGonna.

I don’t know about you, but I am BEYOND excited for fall. I’ll miss the warm sumer nights, but I am  r e a d y  for crisp fall air, gorgeous folliage, and sweaters and coats and all things cozy! I definitely don’t prefer the cold (you could even say I have a deep hatred for winter), but I don’t mind grabbing a sweater or a light jacket before I head out the door.

Another reason I love fall, is because I have a slight obsession with coats and jackets. They’re one of my favorite things to buy! Here in New England, we spend alot of time in jackets during the cold weather, so the coat becomes a part of the outfit a lot of the time (which is me trying to rationalize buying a bunch of coats lol).

  • – THE COAT –
  • I recently bought this Silence + Noise Magnolia cozy Reversible coat from Urban Outfitters, and I am OBSESSED. It’s sooo cute (#Boujie), and it’s SO soft. The coat is reversible which is a cool feature, but I will probably never reverse it to the white side because I would stain the CRAP out of it. lol. I am counting down the days until I can wear it for real, and not just in pictures, ha! #BringOnAutumn #IWantToWearMyCoat

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      Thanks girl! It’s so comfy!! XX

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