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Hey, guys! 

In today’s world, there are so many opportunities to learn, grow, and educate yourself! I once read a quote that said “successful people never stop learning” and it’s so true! Even if you think you’re an expert on a topic, be it cars, medicine, politics, fashion, hair, photography, or anything, you can always learn more. Keeping an open mind around your area of expertise is the only way to grow and eventually be one of the best! If you read a whole book and only learn one thing, that is one more thing you know! There is so much room for self-growth with that mindset!

You may or may not know my little background story, but I am not currently going to college. I stopped going to school after sitting in class every day realizing I am not passionate about my communications degree. Looking to the future after student loan monthly payments and bills in ratio to my expected salary, I am basically wasting my time and money (this is not true for all communications degrees, but it was true for my personal situation!). Every day in class I wished that “cosmetology” was a major (because that’s what I wanted to do but also wanted to have a college degree), and after some careful life-thought, I made the decision to drop out of college and pursue a career/ education in cosmetology #FollowYourDreams!

Welllllll that didn’t work out either. I was enrolled + SUPER excited to start cosmetology school, and then after showing up for the first day, the school told me they were delaying the start date, and then ultimately decided to close the doors of the school. Due to my location (because I live with my boyfriend who still goes to Umass Amherst), there are no other options for cosmetology schools that I would like to go to in the area. Soooo I am just sticking it out, working, and focusing on my blog!

**I am a HUGE believer that everything happens for a reason so while this might all sound super stressful, I’m okay with it, and I’ve redirected my attention, focus, and energy on educating myself on all that I can for the time being!**

  • After I realized cosmetology school wasn’t an option, I took a full Online Makeup Artist course through QC Makeup Academy to get my foot in the door of cosmetology, and to learn everything I can about makeup, application, MUA etiquette, and so much more! I bought every makeup & beauty book at my local Barnes & Noble, and as a beauty blogger, I am constantly reading & writing reviews, reading tips, and learning as much as I can on my own time!
  • For blogging, I have read countless books on blogging and social media strategies, I’ve taken marketing programs, and I am doing everything I can to put all of my focus on my blog! I’ve spent sooo much time researching, reading, and educating myself so that I can know as much as possible about this world. I still have a lot to learn, but putting this energy into myself is paying off, and I know it can only get better!

THE POINT I am trying to make, even though I feel like I’m super rambling (sry hehe), is that in today’s world it is so easy to educate yourself on your interests! Just because you’re not going to school, doesn’t mean that you can’t learn more, read more, study, and retain valuable information! There is always room to grow and teach yourself new things, whether it be through books or the internet (just make sure your sources are legit)! I think a lot of people either who don’t go to school or that have already graduated, don’t continue to learn because they don’t realize how easy and beneficial it can be!

It’s NEVER too late to learn something or be something you want to be! You’re never too old to follow your dreams!

Thanks for reading!


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