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Hey, guys!

a couple weeks ago I shared my Daily Makeup Routine with you, and today I am sharing my hair care routine! People ask me a lot of questions about my hair and how I get it to be the way it is, so I figured I should share every detail of my routine! My hair care routine is a lot less strict than my skincare, but I do have a weekly routine that I follow to keep my hair as healthy as possible!


When I was in high school I had suuuper long, blonde, and UNHEALTHY hair. Why was it so unhealthy, you ask? Because I washed it, blow dried it, AND straightened it every. Single. Day. I can’t even imagine doing that now because of the amount of effort that takes, but also because of how terrible that is for your hair! The week after I graduated high school, I CHOPPED my butt-length hair into a stacked, A-line bob! My hair immediately was 10000% healthier, but I was SUPER sad/depressed about how short it was, so I decided to do anything and everything to grow my hair back asap.

I found the “no-poo” method which is basically to take all store-bought shampoos and hair products out of your routine, and instead just wash with a mixture of baking soda + water, and “condition” with apple cider vinegar. The point of “no-poo” is to regulate your hairs’ natural oils so that you can go longer in between washes. It’s pretty rough at first because your hair is GREASY, but after about two weeks your hair evens out and you can go longer and longer in between washes. I did “no-poo” for about 18 months, and my once naturally straight-ish hair became naturally SUPER wavy and beachy (no lie, my hair is so much curlier ever since I did this, and even since switching back to regular shampoo it’s still wavy!). I stopped doing no-poo because eventually, I started experiencing some breakage around my hairline, but no-poo set me up to only wash my hair once a week ever since!

  • Part 1. I wash my hair 1-2 times a week (usually once though, I’m usually annoyed if I have to wash twice, but some weeks are greasier than others lol). I wash my hair with purple shampoo, and I condition with Mane and Tail, which I previously touched on HERE in my review of purple shampoo! After I get out of the shower, I let my hair air dry (I don’t even own a hairdryer) and I DO NOT brush. When I don’t brush, my hair stays curlier and it’s less frizzy and fluffy. Once my hair is almost dry, I rub argan oil into the ends and “scrunch” my hair with the excess oil on my fingers.

**Of course, my hair still gets greasy in between washes, but it’s nothing that my trusty Batiste dry shampoo can’t fix!! I wrote a full review for Batiste HERE, and I truly think this is the greatest dry shampoo out there. I use dry shampoo every day that I don’t wash my hair (unless all I’m doing all day is going to the gym/ blogging then I give my hair a break and I don’t use it).

Part 2. On the 3rd or 4th day of not brushing my hair + using dry shampoo, my hair starts to look like I’m homeless & growing dreads. THIS is when I finally comb out my hair, brush it, and then straighten my hair. After I straighten my hair I spray it with dry shampoo, and then I add a little more argan oil to the ends to soften them up. I like to straighten and brush my hair mid-week because I feel like it resets my hair, and it sets me up for the last couple days until I finally wash my hair again! I repeat this whole process every week!

**Usually on the last day before I wash my hair, I rock a baseball cap. I am a waitress at a sports bar so this works out perfectly for me, but If I have to look a little better and don’t have time to wash my hair, I’ll throw a braid in my hair!

  • – EXTRAS –
  • A couple extra things that contribute to the well-being of my hair include taking daily biotin, massaging my scalp with my fingers to stimulate hair growth, and using minimal heat products! I drink a lot of water, I exercise, and I eat a healthy diet so I think all of these things contribute!

Keeping my hair healthy is super important to me, but it’s EXTRA important since I’m living that blonde-life, which can be super harsh on your hair! One thing that I do want to add into my hair care routine is hair masks, but I haven’t really heard of any amazing hair masks, so if anyone has any suggestions for me that would be great! Thanks for reading!


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