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Hey, guys!

As you probably know by now, I am just as obsessed with skincare as I am with makeup (and probably even a little more obsessed). I am always looking for the next best thing to take my skin to the next level, and a couple weeks ago I made a BREAKTHROUGH when I bought a facial cleansing brush and a silk pillowcase! Both of these things were way more effective than I thought they would be, and now I don’t think my skincare routine would ever be the same without them! Keep reading for full reiews of each product!

  • I’ve heard so many amazing things about silk pillowcases being great for your skin and hair (the smooth texture of silk reduces the friction of your face/hair rubbing against the pillowcase all night) so it’s said to reduce wrinkles and hair breakage! I have checked multiple stores linen sections looking for these fricken pillowcases, with no luck. AND THEN one day while I was at Marshall’s in the Beauty section, looking for something unrelated, I saw boxes and boxes of silk pillowcases!! In the beauty aisle! It makes sense but I would never have looked there…I bought one for me and one for Jaybaby (boys get wrinkles too!!).

I have 100% noticed a difference since using silk pillowcases! My hair & skin haven’t gone through any amazing changes or anything, but when I wake up in the morning my hair is not nearly as frizzy (read: dreads) and my skin has NO sleep lines/wrinkles/ extra redness! I am already seeing the short-term effects of the silk pillowcases, now I just have to wait for the long term! 100% recommend investing! I bought my pillowcase at Marshall’s for $4.99, but you can buy one through this link here at $12.99!


  • A facial cleansing brush is the HOLY GRAIL of skincare and I can’t  believe I had no idea how amazing they were! I bought a facial cleansing brush at Marshall’s for like $8.00, and I wasn’t even sure if I “really needed it” or just wanted it, but guys I NEEDED it and so do you!!
  • After I applied the cleanser to the brush and started rubbing it on my face, my cleanser got so much sudsier than it ever has when I use my fingers. This brush gives me such a deep clean, and every time I use it I get the “cooling” feeling you usually only get from a brand new cleanser. Since using it every day for a couple of weeks, my skin is so much more even, clean, and soft! I REALLY am convinced that everyone needs a cleansing brush like this in their beauty routine!! You can buy this one by e.l.f. here for $14.00.
  • skincare-lifechangers
  • Drink more water! Water is amazing for your skin! A lot of times people think they have dry skin but they actually just have dehydrated skin!
  • Always take your makeup off before bed! This is the quickest way to solve breakouts and keep your skin healthy
  • Moisturize! Moisturizing is amazing for your skin, even if you have normal skin and you don’t think your skin needs it, or on the flip side if you have oily skin and think that your skin has too much moisture. Adding moisture to oily skin will help your skin produce less oil!
  • Cleanse morning and night
  • Eat a healthy diet
  •  – Find skin care products for your specific skin type
  • Buy a silk pillowcase
  • Buy a cleansing brush
  • Thanks for reading! Hopefully this inspires you to take action with your skincare routine!
  • XX -KK

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