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For years now, I have followed beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, and Instagram models on (you guessed it), Instagram! These influencers are known for creating major hype for certain beauty products, and usually, if enough bloggers praise a certain beauty product, they become “cult favorites” (Better than Sex mascara, anyone?).

One product that I’ve seen all of my favorite beauty bloggers promoting is Bondi Sands tanning foam. I’ve seen Bondi sands alllllll over the internet, and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try it, and since my summer tan is completely gone and I’m extremely sad about it, I ordered myself a bottle of the Ultra dark tanning foam to see if the insta-worthy “Austrailian” tan is all it’s cracked up to be!

  Bondi-sands-tanning-foam-review    Bondi-sands-tanning-foam-review

  • – R E V I E W –
  • Bondi Sands is an Austrailian company so I expected my tanning foam to take a couple weeks to come in (especially since I went with the free shipping option)….My package arrived in TWO days!! So step 1 = already impressed.
  • – A P P L I C A T I O N  –
  • The directions on the bottle say to apply using the mitt, and then leave the product on for at least 6 hours while it develops (it dries fast, you only have to stay nakey for like 20 min so it doesn’t affect your day as much as it sounds like it would lol).
  • To apply, you pump the foam into the mitt, and either rub it on in long strokes or in circular motions, depending on the area. You definitely have to work quickly because it dries super fast, but once you get the hang of it it’s a super smooth process. The nice part of foam is that you see results immediately, so you know it’s working and you don’t over-apply…but you also know which areas need more tanner!
  • – S C E N T –
  • Bondi Sands has a “signature” coconut scent, and while it still does have a “self-tanner” smell, the coconut makes it much more pleasant than your average tanning foam. But BEWARE : your body doesn’t keep the scent of the tanner, but whatever shirt you put on in your six hours of developing WILL hold the scent lol.
  • – C O L O R –
  • COLOR! Probably the most important part! I went with the Ultra dark because I looked at what other similar-skin-colored bloggers used, and they went with the ultra dark so I figured I could handle it too. After all, I don’t want to be kind of tan, I want to be extra AF, super tan. AND Tammy Hembrow uses ultra dark and who doesn’t want to be Tammy Hembrow??
  • The tan is a super deep tan, and it’s honestly exactly what you see on Instagram. There are no orange undertones, and if you apply with the mitt, it’s a streak-free tan which is a pretty big deal if you’ve ever used self-tanning foam, you know how streaky/blotchy it can be if you’re not super careful. I LOVE the color of this tan, and I love when I catch a glimpse of my unexpectedly super-tan skin! I have had the tan on for two full days now, and I don’t think I’ve lost any color. I read a few reviews that say the tan lasts for about 2 weeks before you need to reapply, but that is something I haven’t been able to test out for myself yet. The ONLY thing I can’t figure out is how to not have a hand tan-line???
  • Bondi-sands-tanning-foam-review
  • Bondi-sands-tanning-foam-review
  • Bondi-sands-tanning-foam-review
  • So the #BloggerApproved Bondi Sands Austrailian tan is as good as they say and I highly recommend for the upcoming winter months!

BUY YOUR BOTTLE + MITT HERE (also there’s 20% off your purchase right now!)

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