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Hey, guys!

So I DID the V-word! I went vegan!

 I’ve never been a huge meat-eater, and I’ve been on and off vegetarian for years now, but a couple years ago if you asked me if I thought I’d be vegan, I would have said HELL no! I never thought that I would be vegan! I always thought that only super-strict, boring, crazies went vegan…until I did my research and realized how many amazing benefits there are to being vegan!

It’s been one month, I’ve cheated 4 times, and I’m still considering myself vegan because that sh*t’s hard to quit (that sh*t being cheese). Becoming vegan is a huge lifestyle change, no matter how “ready” you thought you were. If you’re a vegan and you COLD turkey went vegan and never looked back even just for a moment (or 4) of weakness, then you should think about navy seal training or something because you have serious will-power! I am  c o n v i n c e d  that dairy is an addiction!!


Since being vegan, I have 100% noticed a difference in my skin (which I can also thank this for). I don’t have nearly as much redness and I haven’t had any cystic acne (the second I hit publish on this post I’m going to develop a cystic acne). I haven’t been mindlessly snacking, I’m eating super healthy all of the time (most of the time), I’m almost never bloated, and I think I may have even lost a couple of lbs! Woot! These are all things everyone told me would happen, but it’s hard to believe it before you see it. I’m hoping all of these perks get even better with time!

  Why-i-went-vegan   – WHY I WENT VEGAN – 

  • SOOO what pushed me to the edge? Why did I decide to go vegan?

Most people become vegan for the animals, and while I do love animals and haven’t eaten pigs or cows in over 3 years because of my love for animals, the main reason I decided to go vegan was to take my health to the next level. I am super into fitness and health, and even before going vegan I ate mostly plant-based anyway, so I knew being vegan would be fairly easy for me because I would just be eliminating a couple things from my diet (WHICH MEANS #gymlife and #protein are important to me, so I have done plenty of research on being vegan, and I am making sure to get plenty of protein from plants, nuts, seeds, and vegetables)! The first thing most people (argumentatively) say to me is “where will your protein come from” or “what can you even eat now” but because I chose to be vegan for health purposes first, I think those are silly questions. I am very conscious of my health, and for that reason, I get plenty of nutrients, and I might even consume more protein than a lot of non-vegans!

I have known for a while now that dairy is loaded with hormones that make you feel sick and make you break out, and can eventually lead to long-term health problems. I’ve been using almond milk instead of milk for a few years now, so I really only ate dairy if I was eating ice cream or cheese, and for health reasons I stopped adding cheese to my food anyway, and would only eat it on munchies like pizza, nachos, or other things where cheese is the star of the show, so again, eliminating dairy wasn’t going to take a HUGE toll on my life.


After I made the decision to go vegan, I started watching documentaries on Netflix about the meat and dairy industry, and it only further motivated me to be vegan. I said that I didn’t choose to be vegan FOR the animals, but they were definitely an influence in my decision. The industry is not only cruel to the animals (baby chicks go right in the dumpster, dairy cows are kept pregnant to produce more, more, more milk, and male cows born to dairy cows are immediately dragged from their mother to be killed for veal). Extremely inhumane practices are used in farms, but because they are “common practice” among all large farms, the practice is completely legal. Poultry is not protected from any sort of abuse. Not to mention, these industry practices and the mass production of animals is contributing HEAVILY to polluting the environment.

A lot of people tell me it’s “natural” to consume meat as humans (#FoodChain), and I do agree with that, but there is nothing natural about today’s meat + dairy industry. When everyone farmed and raised their own food, it was natural, and also necessary. But in today’s world where added hormones and chemicals are more than common, it’s not natural anymore, and It’s not sustainable forever because of its effects on the environment. I know It’s not practical for everyone in the world to be vegan because meat and dairy are a good source of protein and nutrients for a lot of the world, and vegetables can get expensive. It’s not economical for everyone to be vegan, but because I have the ability and privilege to choose vegan, I almost feel guilty for not choosing it!

  • Read more in-depth about veganism and the environment here
  • Being Vegan is a huge lifestyle change. There is a lot you have to sacrifice, but there’s so much that you get in return! Being vegan helps the animals, the environment, and our bodies! I feel great, and I am happy with my choice, which is why I filed this under the #HappieThoughts category! In the next few weeks, I will be sharing all of my favorite vegan meals and snacks that I RELY on daily! Stay tuned!

  • Why-i-went-vegan

  • Why-i-went-vegan

  • Why-i-went-vegan

  • DISCLAIMER:: *I am not a nutritionist, but I have been so interested in healthy eating for so long (at least 5 years now) that I’ve done a pretty decent amount of personal reading and research on nutrition. I have decided that the dairy life isn’t for me because there are a lot of negative side effects, and the dairy industry is a pretty scummy industry that goes against my personal morals. Knowing these facts has helped me make the decision to go vegan, and while I do miss cheese (c’mon its cheese!) I feel like I am trying to break an addiction by not eating cheese! It’s been pretty weird realizing I DON’T need cheese, and that I’m actually just addicted to it and how it makes me feel (please read that as dramatically as possible).

Thanks for reading!



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