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Hey, guys!


Well, not yet, but it IS Halloweekend, which is even better because it means multiple costumes! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it gives me an excuse to dress up and play around with makeup! As a makeup artist and beauty junkie, Halloween is heaven for me!! This year I was Daenerys Targaryen on Friday night (link to the scene here), and a Mermaid on Saturday night! I LOVE seeing everyone else’s costumes on Halloween (especially if they’re really good) so I figured I would share mine here + I have a million pictures that are just dying to be shared lol.

  • –  D E A N E R Y S   T A R G A R Y E N  –
  • I’ve known I was going to be Daenerys for Halloween basically since last Halloween, but I always pictured wearing a classic “Khaleesi” dress as my costume, until I realized that it would be super hard to find/probably expensive. I bought a nude dress at H&M for $1 last year (I didn’t really know what I was going to do with it, but it was only $1 so I just bought it lol). Daenerys is naked in the scene and covered in ash, so I thought it would be cute to wear a nude dress and pretend I’m “naked”, since The Birth of Dragons was such an iconic GOT episode. I thought this would be a cool twist on a Khaleesi costume! (link to the scene here).
  • – M E R M A I D – 
  • Mermaid costumes = glitter + pearls + sparkles + all things fabulous and it was amazing. If it was acceptable to dress like this and wear mermaid makeup every day, I would! Shoutout to my BFF @Jenn (the other mermaid) for making our skirts!! Please note the mess of us getting ready in the first pic lolol it takes a lot of work to become a mermaid! (and yes, we were cold).
  •    – E X T R A S –
  • ^ “Trailer Park Boys”
  • So that’s everything! What were you/are you being for Halloween????
  • Thanks for reading!
  • XX -KK

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    I will be dressing up as a Creepy Doll. I’ve done it before but it’s fun, plus easy and fast enough to do before work. My favorite part is I have a ceramic doll that I drag around on a string behind me. I did it a few years ago and really freaked a few people out.

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      That’s a great costume!

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