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Hey, guys!

Today’s tutorial is for DIY boho wall hangings! If you read my DIY Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer post, then you know I love wall hangs. Wall hangings are SUPER trendy right now, but are often sold at prices from $50-$200 which is not trendy!! I see wall hangings all over the Pinterest interior design world, and I love them so much I knew I couldn’t go on without one, so I made one (or 3) of them for under TEN dollars!! I’m obsessed and this seriously might be my favorite DIY ever!

This tutorial is so simple, it doesn’t take a lot of time, and it’s super cheap! I think these wall hangs are a great decoration, whether it’s an accent piece or as a centerpiece! I love the texture they add to a room, and they look like they would be super expensive and hard to make, but they’re not! The best part of these wall hangs is that they’re SUPER customizable! They can be any size, color, texture, length, it’s all up to you! Keep reading for step-by-step pictures and instructions!


  • – STEP 1 –
  • For the first step of this process, you need to figure out what size you want your wall hang to be. Decide, and then cut each string as long as you want the longest point to be. To measure, hang the string over the wooden rod to make sure both sides are even, and that they are as long as you want them to be.

  • – STEP 2 –
  • Use your first string to measure out each other string. They don’t have to be exact because the wall hang is supposed to be shaggy looking, but they should generally be the same length. Cut a ton of strings because you will probably need more than you expect!

  • – STEP 3 + THE METHOD –
  • First, fold your string in half and create a loop in the middle (1). Put the loop over the back of the stick (2), and pull the rest of the string through the loop coming from the back. Pull tight (3+4). Hopefully, the pictures explain it all.

  • – STEP 4 –
  • After you’ve looped all of your strings and they are secured to the stick, take small sections and knot them together (I did two strings at a time for the thicker yarn, and 3 string sections with the thinner yarn). Repeat until all strings have been tied together!

It should look like it does below when you’re done!


This step is optional, but I think it adds a cool texture to the wall hang! Take 3 sections like you do when you braid, and then braid them down to the end. I secured with a rubber band. To cover the rubber band, I wrapped a couple pieces of yarn around the elastic and tucked it into the back of the elastic.


  • – STEP 5 –
  • You can hang your wall hang by tying a string around both sides of the stick and hanging with a tack! It’s super light so there should be no issues.

DIY-boho-wallhang    DIY-boho-wallhang

  • – STEP 6 –
  • FINALLY the best “before and after” step, cutting! I save this step for last because I think it’s easiest to see what you’re doing when it’s already hanging, and it’s also most stable this way! It’s up to you how you cut, but I prefer cutting in at an angle!
  • DIY-boho-wallhang
  • and VIOLA! YOU’RE DONE!!! I hope you love your new wall hang!!
  • DIY-boho-wallhang DIY-boho-wallhang
  • DIY-boho-wallhang
  •       Thanks for reading!! Let me know if you try out this tutorial!!


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