F A S H I O N :: How to Create your Perfect Winter Wardrobe Using what you Already Have!

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Hey, guys!

I have officially switched my closet over for the winter which means I have a closet full of sweaters and winter colors, and my Summer clothes have been tucked away until next year. I love putting my out-of-season clothes away because it clears up a ton of space in my closet, and it’s like going shopping when you bring the clothes back out the next year! I always forget I had certain things so it’s always a pleasant surprise! #ItsTheLittleThings

Every season when I switch over my wardrobe, I make sure that I absolutely LOVE anything that’s hanging in my closet, and I’m not wasting hangers on clothes that will sit in my closet for the whole season. I hate having clothes that I don’t wear, and owning only clothes that you love makes getting dressed MUCH easier because you love anything you put on (I still change like 5X anyway though, let’s be real). Even though I probably still own more clothes than your average “minimalist”, I like to keep my wardrobe as minimal as possible by only owning things I love, and things that pair well with other peices! Exclusively owning ONLY things that you love ensures that you will never leave the house without looking stylish! Keep reading for tips on winterizing + curating your perfect wardrobe!

  2. If you’re living in NE, you know there’s no chance in heck that you’ll be wearing shorts, rompers, spaghetti straps, maxi dresses, crop tops, sandals, or anything “classic” summer, so put those things away immediately! This part should be super easy and self-explanatory!
  4. Of course, there’s no rule that says you can’t wear light colors during the winter, and I think “no white after Labor Day” is a bit outdated, but some things give off TOO much of a summery vibe, and if worn will take away from your “Winter aesthetic”! After I set aside all of my obvious Summer clothes, I usually put away any tops that are pastel, flowery, bright, flowy, and anything made out of a thin material that would be too cold on its own! Basically, if you look at it while you’re cold and feel cold or summery in any way it’s out of season! *This doesn’t include basic colored shirts and tank tops that can be layered with sweaters + cardigans!
  6. Now that you’ve put away all of your summer clothes, take a look at what you have left. We all have sweaters in our closet that LOOK super cute, but you don’t wear them because they’re itchy, slightly too tight, bulky, or you just don’t like what you look like when you wear them. If you don’t wear a sweater, there’s probably a good reason for it and you’ll probably NEVER wear it again, no matter how cute it looks on the hanger (okay maybe you’ll give it one more chance…but you’ll change out of it right before you leave the house and you know it). GIVE these sweaters to a sibling, cousin, or friend, and if you have no one to give it to, DONATE it! Someone somewhere WILL wear it! There is no use in keeping “maybe, someday, what-if” sweaters!
  8. Sometimes it’s hard to give things away (even if you don’t wear them) because “you need a white sweater and that’s your only one”. So when you’re going through your closet, write down things you think you feel like you’re missing. A white sweater, a gray long sleeve, a tan cardi-vest, a pair of high waisted skinny jeans, whatever it might be, having a clear idea in your head of what you want will make it easier to get rid of things! It also helps save money to write down what you need, because that means you go shopping with a plan, instead of just browsing (which is MUCH better for your wallet, and it makes shopping guilt-free because you specifically set out to buy them hashtag confessions of a shopaholic lol)!
  9. ***If you’re tight on money but still want to be stylish, GO TO THE THRIFT STORE! If you read my blog ever, you know I LOVE the thrift store! It’s nice to have “brand new” clothes sometimes, but if you’re trying to create your best wardrobe, it’s not always necessary to buy brand new! Half of the sweaters that I own are from the thrift store and no one would ever know (except you do because I post about all of them in my thrift store hauls ha).
  10. – BUY NEUTRAL “3rd” PIECES –
  11. Maybe you haven’t heard this style “rule” before, but the KEY to any great outfit is the 3rd piece! The 3rd piece adds dimension, texture, and it looks like you put a little more effort into your style even though all you did was throw on a 3rd piece! An average pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt can be taken to the next level by simply adding a vest, cardigan, scarf, statement necklace, a cute pair of boots, etc. MY favorite way to invest in style + save money at the same time is to buy “3rd” pieces in neutral colors so they can be paired with anything! Black, grey, tan, navy blue, millennial pink, cream, and olive green are my favorite “neutral” colors to wear! All of the examples below are from H&M!
  2. Those are all of my tips! Hopefully, you find them helpful! Thanks for reading!
  3. XX -KK

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