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  Hey, guys!

Today’s post is all about beating dry winter skin!

I really thought I had it all figured out with my skincare routine. My skin has been great these past couple months so I figured I had my skincare routine DOWN…and then the Winter weather rolled in and my skin started drying, flaking, chapping, and looking dull AF. Every Winter for my WHOLE LIFE my face has gotten super dry and it’s painful and makes my makeup look terrible so I was  d e t e r m i n e d   to fix the problem immediately!

With the research and recommendations from all of my favorite beauty bloggers, I decided to add Hyaluronic acid serum + Vitamin C serum to my skincare routine, and I also purchased the Pacifica Coconut probiotic water rehab cream to use as my daily moisturzer! Keep reading for reviews of each product!


I know, I know. Anything with the word “Acid” doesn’t exactly sound safe or like it would be moisturizing/beneficial in any way, but I’ve read amazing things from very trusted beauty bloggers, about hyaluronic acid and its benefits within a skincare routine.

I bought a bottle of Hyaluronic acid + Vitamin B5 by the brand Valjean Labs. I bought my bottle at Marshall’s for $7.99, mostly because the bottle was pretty and it said “HYDRATE” in giant letters, but this exact serum is being sold at Urban Outfitters for $15.00! This serum is said to hydrate and plump the skin while the Vitamin B5 brings back the elasticity of the skin!

THE VERDICT:: YAS. I noticed a difference in the dryness of my skin on the FIRST day of using this, I swear! Usually, skincare products take a couple weeks before you can tell if they’re working or not, but I really noticed a difference in my skin later that day! This serum comes in a dropper bottle. To apply, cleanse + dry face, and apply dropper directly onto clean skin! I like to use this as my very first layer of skincare products when I wash my face in the morning. since using this every day for over a week, my dryness is totally gone and my skin seems more supple than ever before!

  • This product was the biggest risk/change-up for me. As you know if you read my posts, I love to be as natural as possible with my moisturizer and usually try to stay away from heavy face creams/foundations because I feel like they clog up pores and create acne (+ I love how my coconut oil makes my skin feel). HOWEVER, my skin has been too dry lately, so I was willing to try anything to avoid a winter-long dry face.
  • I asked Instagram for any face cream recommendations, the more natural the better, and someone recommended Pacifica products because they are a 100% vegan + cruelty-free brand! After reading reviews on all of their face cream options, I ended up purchasing the Pacifica Coconut Probiotic Water Rehab Cream from Target for $14.00! This cream is marketed as a water rehab cream (it’s oil free) that boosts hydration and fights “skin hangovers”. The tube says “Party then….rehab now” which reminds me of the Too Faced Hangover Primer (that I LOVED…read that review HERE).
  • THE VERDICT:: IN. LOVE. This cream is nice and light, so I don’t feel like it will clog up my pores. It’s not greasy at all, it absorbs into my skin immediately, and it smells delicious! It smells like a candy from my childhood, but I CAN NOT pin-point which candy it is! Best of all, I felt the effects of this cream on the first day of use! My skin totally drank it right up. I have been applying morning and night, but you can basically use it as often as you need it! 100% recommend to anyone with sensitive skin because I do and it hasn’t bothered me at all. This cream is made for all skin types.
  • I added vitamin C serum to my skincare routine a couple of weeks ago because I heard that vitamin C heals acne scars, balances redness, and overall gives your skin a nice healthy glow. Obviously, those sound like some pretty amazing benefits, so I felt like I was missing out if I didn’t test it out to see if it’s true!
  • I bought a bottle of Vitamin C serum at (surprise, surprise) Marshall’s for $6.99! The Vitamin C serum that I bought is by the brand Measurable Difference, but I can’t find the actual product on the website, however, a google search says it’s sold at Walmart, and I know it can also be found at Marshall’s.
  • THE VERDICT:: It works!! I’ve been wearing this for about 2 weeks now, and I have felt way more glowy and definitely less red. I have been wearing makeup less often because my skin has been so much more even-toned! To use, cleanse + dry face, and use the dropper to drop the vitamin C directly onto your clean skin, and lightly pat it all over your face. Apply moisturizer + makeup over the serum! I have been using this morning and night! I definitely recommend to brighten up dull winter skin!
  • I hope you take some of these recommendations! Since adding these products to my routine I haven’t had a single flake of dry skin!!
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  • Thanks for reading!!
  • XX -KK

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