DIY :: Festive Christmas Tree Decor!

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Hey, guys!

HO HO HO! Today I am sharing a DIY that I saw on Sierra Furtado’s Youtube Channel a couple days ago! She is one of my favorite YouTubers, so when I watched her video for 5 festive DIY decorations I was super excited and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the DIY felt trees because they look store bought and they looked super easy to make! I’m alllll about DIYs that don’t look like DIYs, PLUS this DIY is super festive, AND it’s super inexpensive, so it really has it all!

I made these trees to decorate my own apartment, but they also work great as little gifts for the office, for teachers, or for anyone!!

Keep reading for steps + pictures!!


  • 1. Felt
  • 2. Hot glue gun
  • 3. stick
  • 4. A “base”
  • 5. scissors
  • 6. Chalk to draw your trees
  • **I bought everything at Michaels**


  • – S T E P  1 –
  • Step one is to fold the felt in half and then draw a Christmas tree along the fold. You can draw one per felt or more, depending on how big you want your trees to be!


  • – S T E P  2 –
  • Step 2 is to cut your trees out!



  • – S T E P  3 –
  • Step 3 is to flip the felt that you cut upside down, and using the line from the already cut out tree, draw another tree on either side. This helps get the most use out of all of your felt!
  • DIY-festive-christmas-trees
  • – S T E P  4 –
  • Step 4 is to fold the tree in half and then using your hot glue gun, glue all along the folded edge, and quickly stick it to your stick before the hot glue cools down! Repeat these steps until your tree is full!
  • DIY-festive-christmas-trees DIY-festive-christmas-trees DIY-festive-christmas-trees
  • – S T E P 5 –
  • Step 5 is to glue the tree to the base! You can center it or put it off to the side to make room for another tree, which is what I did!
  • DIY-festive-christmas-trees
  • DIY-festive-christmas-trees
  • After I glued the trees to the base and let them dry, I went around and trimmed any pieces that were hanging lower or just looked out of place, and VIOLA! Your trees are done!! How cute are they???
  • I like them to be a little mix matched and imperfect, I think it gives them a cute “boho” vibe!
  •   DIY-festive-christmas-trees DIY-festive-christmas-trees DIY-festive-christmas-trees DIY-festive-christmas-trees   

I hope you enjoyed this festive DIY!! Thanks for reading!


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