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Hey, guys…HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ✨✨

I can NOT believe it’s already the New Year!! It’s been a minute since my last blog post where I’ve actually written something! The holiday season has been SO chaotic and I have been living in two locations so I have not had a lot of time to sit down and write, even though that’s really not the greatest excuse…..

Today’s post is all about my New Years resolutions! I have quite a few, and although I’m not the type to “start once it’s the new year” (I prefer to start NOW, or as soon as possible), the new year is a great benchmark to start new habits that can be measured and reflected on in the next year! Setting goals are the only way to achieve anything in life, but more than that, you NEED to set realistic and specific goals with a plan of action in order to achieve anything!

One of the biggest reasons people fail at their resolutions is because they set completely unattainable goals! For example, If you’re someone who hasn’t been to the gym since last January,  DON’T make it your goal to work out every day because odds are you with burn out and fail after a couple weeks! Make it your goal to go to the gym 2-3 days a week, and work up to more days from there! The same goes for eating healthy, focus on making healthier swaps at first, and then adding more healthy swaps/changes as time goes on so you can get used to your new lifestyle!

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now, soooo, without further adieu, here is my list of resolutions for the new year! ✨

  • – W E L L N E S S  G O A L S –
  • 1. Continue going to the gym 4 days a week. Between life, work, and blogging/creating YouTube videos, I realistically have time for 4 good gym sessions a week. This has been the magic number that works for my schedule, and the number that keeps me feeling my best! I could go more, but then the other aspects of my life would suffer, and while the gym is a huge part of my life, life is ultimately all about balance!

2. Fill my water 3x per day. For Christmas I got a 32oz yeti water bottle, and my goal for the new year is to fill it at least 3x per day. Right now I probably drink about 2 a day (I have to force myself to drink water) but I know it’s so good for me so I should be drinking more!

3. Make 30 minutes on Stairmaster a regular thing. This goal is weird because I know I’m physically capable of doing 30 minutes on the stair master, but I hate cardio so I usually only do 15-20 minutes. I knooooow I preach about not doing things you hate doing and instead finding better alternatives, but for me the stair master is the better alternative. I HATE running and I have a very strict no running policy, so I do the stair master instead. Cardio is so good for you so I make myself do it for my health, but I just want to have a liiitle more discipline in the cardio area!

  • – B L O G G I N G  –
  • 1. Plan out my blog posts and YouTube videos. You may or may not have noticed that I blog/YouTube sporadically. Sometimes once a week, sometimes 3x a week, and sometimes longer (although I make sure I never go longer than 2 weeks). Usually when I blog, it’s because a good idea came to mind. I guess you could say I blog “intuitively”, but I would like to have a schedule and planned out posts so I can gain a more consistent group of readers! My goal is to start blogging 2-3 times a week, so if anyone has a blog post idea for me, let me know!

2. Take more planned photos for Instagram. If you don’t follow my blog Instagram, first of all, you should ( @KayleeKarcher_ ), but if you DO follow, you know that my pictures all follow a sort of “theme”. My goal is to take it to the next level and start setting aside specific “photoshoot” days where I take planned photos for my Instagram! I already do this to an extent with product shots, but I would like to get more into planned fashion/outfit shots!

3. Continue to grow my social media. I touched on this a little in the goal above, but this year I really want to take my social media/ following to the next level! Instagram is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog, and I love taking photos for my Instagram anyway so this is kind of a fun goal for me! I’ve taken an in-depth Instagram course, and I’m hoping to take a few more this year!

4. Incorporate more wellness posts into my blog. Fitness, food health, skincare, essential oils, reading, self care, and natural remedies for things are all super interesting to me, as well as being a huge part of my life! A lot of times I forget that people reading my blog don’t already know I love/know a lot about these things, so I want to represent that part of my life more here on the blog, as it’s actually one of the roots that made me start my blog in the first place!

  • – L I F E  –
  • 1. Get chores done as soon as I need to. One of my biggest flaws in life is chores. Not like cleaning the house chores, but making important phone calls, setting appointments, adulting in general, etc. About two years ago I planned to open up a Bank of America checking account because they are so convenient, and it took me until about two months ago to do it, and once I finally opened it I felt soooo relieved. It took me less than 30 minutes to open the account, and I felt so silly that it literally took me 2 years to do something so easy (for the record, I had a bank account elsewhere, it was just far/inconvenient). This year, I want to start doing things the second I find out about them!

2. Plan out my day the night before. Another thing I want to start doing in my daily life is planning out my outfits/lunch the night before the next day! This is not only a huuuge time saver, but it also usually means better outfits and healthier lunches! Anytime I DO plan ahead my morning goes smoothly and I feel super successful (it’s the little things), so I definitely want to make this a daily habit!

3. Read more. I grew up reading (and loving it) so it’s not a far reach to make myself read more, but I have a bad habit of only being inspired to read when I get a new book! I should be rereading the books I already own since most of them are positive, uplifting, and inspiring, but I feel weird re-reading for some strange and unexplainable reason. I guess I prefer watching the same episode of Friends 4 million times…..

So that’s that! Those are all of my New Years resolutions!! What are some of yours?? Do we have any mutual resolutions??

✨Thanks for reading!





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