Wellness Wednesday :: The Beauty Chef + the Recipes I can’t wait to try!

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Hey, guys!

Today is the first day of a new segment “Wellness Wednesday” where I hope to publish a wellness-related post every Wednesday! I also changed the category name from “Happie Thoughts” to “Wellness + Happie Thoughts”. I really want to focus on writing more wellness posts here on the blog because I think wellness is extremely important, and I think everyone needs to pay a little more attention to their overall wellness!!

If you saw my most recent YouTube video “what I got for Christmas“, you know one of the things I bought with one of my gift cards I received was The Beauty Chef, an absolutely GORGEOUS cookbook featuring “Delicious food for radiant skin, gut health, and wellbeing”. The cookbook features healthy breakfast ideas as well as lunch, snack, dinner, drink, dessert, and basic recipes that all have your optimal health in mind. The cookbook focuses on the gut health to skin health connection which is super interesting to me.

There are hundreds of delicious sounding recipes in this book and sooo much valuable information on nutrition. Best of all, this book is EYE CANDY and v Instagramable! Keep reading for the recipes I’m most excited to try + gorgeous photos from the book!


     – Matcha Latte – 

pg. 292

  • – Almond meal English muffins –
  • pg. 48
  • – Coconut and lime hotcakes with yoghurt and berries –
  • pg. 66
  • – Chocolate, orange and buckwheat crunch balls –
  • pg. 134
  • – Brussels sprout and kale fritters with nut cheese and avocado, pea and mint smash –
  • pg. 62
  • – Vegetable Broth –
  • pg. 302
  • – Warm cauliflower couscous salad with roasted roots, hazelnuts and crispy spiced chickpeas –
  • pg. 76
  • – Pulled eggplant with seeded slaw and quinoa –
  • pg. 150
  • – Mediterranean cauliflower pizza –  
  • pg. 159
  • – Mango and passionfruit dairy-free cheesecake –
  • pg. 226
  • – Carrot and rosemary cake with labneh and cacao butter frosting –
  • pg. 258
  • HOW GOOD does everything look/sound?? There are literally hundreds of recipes in this book + stunning photos to go with them! Let me know if you’ve read this book or tried any of the recipes!

Thanks for reading!



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