Wellness Wednesday :: DIY Himalayan Salt Sole Health Drink

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  • Hey, guys!
  • Happy Wellness Wednesday #2! Today’s post is a DIY for Himalayan salt Sole (so-lay), which is filtered water that has been completely saturated with pink Himalayan salt! This drink provides soooo many health benefits, so it’s a 2018 goal of mine to start my day off with a glass of sole every morning!

Himalayan salt is a natural salt from the Himalayan mountains. It’s chemical free, it’s packed with minerals and nutrients, it provides numerous health benefits, and best of all, it’s PINK! Unlike table salt which infamously causes bloating and high blood pressure + a million other health issues, Himalayan salt actually prevents these things, while also providing many other wellness-related benefits! I was skeptical at first that anything in the “salt” family could actually be beneficial, but table salt is salt that has been chemically processed, bleached, and stripped of all of its nutrients which is what makes it so bad. Keep reading for the benefits of Himalayan salt + the recipe for Himalayan sole!


  • –  B E N E F I T S  OF  H I M A L A Y A N   S A L T  –

Improves circulation| relieves muscle cramps | assists in absorbing nutrients | promotes healthy pH | soothes body + mind | sustain water levels in body | balance blood sugar | regulate blood pressure | Helps with skin + hair +nails | can rid body of toxins |

  • Himalayan-sole-diy

  • – S O L E  R E C I P E –
  • I JUST made my Himalayan sole today, but I have been using Himalayan salt in place of table salt for over a year now! I am super excited to see if I notice any benefits from drinking this sole every morning!
  1. 1. Glass jar with plastic lid ***Must be plastic, not metal. do not use any metal materials with this solution.

2. Himalayan salt

3. Filtered water

4. Wooden spoon for stirring

  • Himalayan-sole-diy

Fill glass jar 1/4 of the way with Himalayan salt. Fill rest of the way with filtered water, stir. place in refrigerator overnight. If all salt has absorbed by morning, add more salt to the mixture. There should always be salt in the jar because that means the water is fully saturated and can’t absorb any more salt. If the salt dissolves, add more. Add ONE teaspoon of sole to a glass of water and drink first thing in the morning before any other food or drink for full benefits! Enjoy!



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