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Hey, guys!

As you know if you read enough or follow my Instagram or Youtube, OR (and especially) Pinterest, I looovve interior design! I am constantly changing my apartment around and trying to make my tiny space as pretty as possible (it’s a hobby at this point….I would love to do this professionally one day). I would love to own literally everything in Urban Outfitters apartment collection, but since I can’t bc ya girl is ballin’ on a budget, I have to get creative and do it myself (is DIM a thing?). If there was no budget my apartment would be the apartment of my dreams already, but unfortunately, that is not the case lol.

 Today’s DIY is for Urban Outfitters inspired Art Prints! I’ve always loved all of the brightly colored art prints that are sold at urban outfitters, but because I want the largest size they sell, it would have cost me almost $300.00! So I made my own for just $35.00! This project was sooo easy. I’m not a painter by any means and I was able to do it, so you can too! Keep reading for step-by-step instructions + tons of pics!

  • – T H E  I N S P I R A T I O N  –
  • I love this art print because of its pastel colors, blending, and overall chill-vibe! I think it’s simple but adds a lot to a room. Unfortunately, the size and frame I wanted costs $259.00!! Now, I definitely can not paint this EXACT painting because I am not a professional painter, but I figured I caaan paint something that resembles it and adds the same effect to the room, so I did!
  • DIY-urban-outfitters-art-prints

  – W H A T  Y O U  N E E D –

  1. 1. Frame size/color of choice
  2. 2. White frame backdrop the same size as frame (to paint on)
  3. 3. Watercolor Paints
  4. 4. Brushes
  5. 5. Sponge brushes
  6. 6. 2 cups of water
  7. 7. Painters Tape
  8. *I bought all of these things at Michaels for $35.00!

DIY-urban-outfitters-art-prints DIY-urban-outfitters-art-prints

  • – S T E P  O N E –
  • Before you do anything, tape all sides of your poster to an easel, or in my case where I have such a huge painting surface, I taped mine to the floor! It is essential that you tape all four sides down to a secure surface or the painting will begin to rise and the canvas will crinkle.


  • – S T E P  T W O –
  • Since we are using watercolors and we’re going for a soft-looking, pastel effect, the first actual step of painting is to coat the entire canvas with a thin layer of water. This helps the water-color paint bleed + blend into itself slightly and it creates a softer look. I did this by dipping my sponge into the clean cup of water multiple times and brushing over the canvas.
  •    DIY-urban-outfitters-art-prints
  • – S T E P  T H R E E –
  • PRACTICE! Do all of these steps on an average-ol piece of paper before you go right to the final piece! This will allow you to practice blending, find the perfect colors, and figure out which brushes work the best!
  • DIY-urban-outfitters-art-printsDIY-urban-outfitters-art-prints
  • –  S T E P  F O U R –
  • After you’ve picked out your colors, repeat all of the previous steps and start working on your masterpiece! I tried to do as long strokes as possible, until the paint wore off the brush, and I also did it pretty quickly so it would look sort of messy and effortless! As you can see in the pictures, I started from different sides with the two totally different colors, and worked inwards to blend them together!
  • DIY-urban-outfitters-art-prints DIY-urban-outfitters-art-prints
  • – S T E P  F I V E –
  • After the painting is dry enough (no longer wet or runny feeling), peel the tape off, and put a frame on it! I actually had to cut off a sliver on one side and the bottom because my canvas was slightly too big! After the painting has been framed, find a place to put her and show her off!
  • DIY-urban-outfitters-art-prints DIY-urban-outfitters-art-prints DIY-urban-outfitters-art-prints
  • I hope you enjoyed this DIY! Check out my 2 other interior design DIY’s like this one + this one!
  • Thanks for reading!
  • XX -KK

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