Wellness Wednesday :: Benefits of Natural Deodorant + JASON Deodorant Review

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Hey, guys!

Today’s Wellness Wednesday post is all about natural deodorant!

For years now, I’ve known about natural deodorant, and I’ve heard all about how regular deodorant contains some pretty dangerous stuff. Everyone from the earthy-crunchy hippie next door to Kourtney Kardashian, have made the switch from regular deodorants to natural deodorants, and thanks to my best friend Alex, who gave me a natural deodorant as part of my birthday gift (because it’s called JASON, which is my boyfriend’s name….or because I smell, haha), I can now say that I have also made the switch (which makes me one step closer to becoming a Kardashian…we already have the same initials…..*hair flip emoji*). I have been using natural deodorant daily since December 1st!

I was super excited to receive the JASON nourishing apricot Deodorant Stick for my birthday because while I have known natural deodorant was better for you (as all natural things are), I couldn’t get the “It doesn’t work”,”It makes you smell worse” comments that people make about natural deodorant, out of my head. I go to the gym and sweat a lot + I work long hours as a waitress, so I am not in the market for a deodorant that fails on me! I was afraid to spend the money, make the switch, and then hate it, so I didn’t.

BUUUTT, since it was given to me and no money was wasted, I gave it a try and  g u e s s  what?? It works! I didn’t feel smelly, no one told me I smelled, and the deodorant is clear and totally undetectable! It smells super citrusy and fruity and delicious!

With all the good, there has to be a littttle bad, so here are my biggest beefs with the natural deode: The texture is sticky and feels really sticky under your arms for a couple minutes (but it does eventually dry), you CAN NOT apply this deodorant right after you shave because that ish BURNS, and It takes a couple days to regulate and get used to not having the anti-perspirant aspect, but you do get used to it!

These cons may seem like they’re not worth it, but those are silly complaints compared to the possible long-term side-effects of your average deodorant! Keeping reading to see what’s in your deodorant, what it can do, and which deodorants contain the toxic ingredients!


  • Aluminum (basically the ingredient to thank for the anti-perspirant aspect of deodorant)
  • Parabens (very common yet dangerous preservative)
  • Propylene Glycol (can cause damage to nervous system if used everyday….like deodorant is)
  • Steareths (produce carcinogens)
  • Triclosan (keeps the smell out…disrupts proper functioning of the thyroid..FDA classified pesticide)
  • Artificial colors
  • TEA + DEA – triethanolamine|diethanolamine (banned in Europe because they can seep into skin and affect liver + kidneys
  • These ingredients sound scary, but they’re much scarier in the long run! These ingredients can increase your risk of breast cancer, cause hormone imbalance, possible birth defects, and early puberty in children. It sounds crazy, but realistically, our skin is our largest organ, and it is our protector! Skin health is extremely important and underrated!
  • Secret, Dove, Degree, Gillette, Old Spice, Axe + more! So basically, all of your favorites that you use include these ingredients!

I was totally surprised that all of these mainstream deodorants contained aluminum and at least one other ingredient from the list! I always assume that the bigger name brand companies would look out for their customers in some way, but it’s just not the case! Do your own research, and always go with products that are as natural as possible!

Happy Wellness Wednesday!



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