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Helloooo! Today i am reviewing the products that i received in my March Ipsy bag, A.K.A., my FIRST Ipsy bag ever!! (crazy, right?)

The theme of this bag, appropriately enough, was “spring”, and all of my samples came in an adorable mint colored makeup bag with coral flowers. In my bag i got 5 awesome sample-sized things for just 10 dollars, which is amazing, considering most of them alone cost over $10.00! Below are my feelings and ratings out of 5 on each product!


1. Eyeliner-  Ofra eyeliner in “green go”, which is a really pretty ‘nature’ green color with a slight shimmer.


  1. I really love this eye pencil. It has a metallic look, but because of the neutral color, it is not to harsh for every day use! This pencil is more for ‘smoking’ and blending than for long lasting sharp lines, as it wipes away fairly easy! I would give this a 5/5 because it is a full sized item, it seems like it can be really diverse, and i didn’t already have this color of eye pencil. haha!
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  1. 2. Concealer- “bye bye under eye” under eye concealer by it cosmetics.
  2. ~Review~
  3. This concealer is honestly AMAZING. It is specifically an under eye concealer, and because of this, it is water proof. I don’t think all makeup should be water proof because it can be very drying, but for an under eye concealer i think it is necessary. This concealer is EXTREMELY concentrated, so a little goes a long way. When i first tried it out, i got some on my nose and didn’t blend it all the way. You could see a thin “layer” of concealer and when i tried to wipe it away, i couldn’t until i licked my finger and wiped in off, lol. I give this product a 4/5 because although it provides great coverage, you almost have to over moisturize to make sure it doesn’t look “old”.
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  1. 3. Bronzer- Baked Bronzer in “heat wave” by be a bombshell cosmetics.
  2. ~Review~
  3. This one really makes me sad. The bronzer is BEAUTIFUL, and it looks pretty is you take a swatch of it on your finger, but my brushes will NOT pick up and deposit color. The bronzer is very hard, and a brush it just not forceful/rough enough to pick up color. but it looks like it would be really pretty so i will give it a 2/5 because i am hoping i am just doing it wrong. haha.
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  1. 4. Serum- Intensive Blemish Serum by Evologie
  2. ~Review~
  3. This serum i have only been using for 2 days, so i really can’t say if it’s “good” or not, but so far i like it! I feel like it worked over night a little, but i might have just been expecting it, so i will give it a 4/5 for now. I will update this post if i have different opinions in the future!
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  5. 5. Lip- Lip laquer by Modelco in “socialite”
  6. ~Review~
  7. I think this gloss is really pretty, and it kind of makes your lips look like a candy apple, both in color, and the way the gloss looks like its “hardened”! The gloss is clearly red, but also subtle enough that you could wear it everyday, or to work! It also isn’t overly sticky, so for that alone, I give is a 5/5!
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Overall, i am completely satisfied/wicked excited about all of my new things, and think $10.00 a month for all of these things is 100% worth it! I hope this review helps! I will probably make this a monthly thing after every Ipsy bag!

Thoughts, questions, and comments appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

XX -Kaylee


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