R E V I E W :: April Ipsy Glam Bag

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t’s Ipsy time!!!!

All of April I literally couldn’t wait for my ipsy to come in the mail! It’s such a fun thing to wait for, and its so special when you finally see the metallic purple package in your mailbox!

This month, my second month, i was disappointed with my Ipsy bag at first glance. Never because they weren’t quality products, but because i just didn’t think i would use them.


april ipsy glam bag reiew

In my April Ipsy bag i received:

  1. 1. Pretty woman nail polish
  2. 2. Jelly Pong Pong eye shadow pallet
  3. 3. Moroccan Oil
  4. 4.Tarte Lip cream
  5. 5. Crown brush

keep reading, because I reviewed & rated each product 1-5, and i’ve told you why i was SO wrong about each product, and how i actually use them every day!

  1. 1. Pretty Woman nail polish in pouty- at first i was really sad about getting a nail polish because i get my nails done, because i already have soo many (pink) nail polishes, and because i don’t consider nail polish makeup for some reason, haha. But the color was just SOO gorgeous that i used it to paint my toe nails and i LOVED it! It hasn’t chipped at all, the color is gorgeous, and the packaging is adorable, which is very important. 4/5!!
  2. 2. Jelly Pong pong eye Neapolitan eye shadow pallet- Again, at first i was disappointed in this product choice because for me, i’m not a HUGE eye shadow wearer, on account of my hooded eyelids (I just feel like it makes my eyes look smaller lol). However, when i swatched the product on my arm, i realized the colors were a really good quality, and that they were a subtle, but reeeaaally pretty color. The gold color is gorgeous alone, and so is the pink! You can even wear them mixed for a rose gold look. I have been wearing this eye shadow to work for the past couple days and i love how they look! I will probably re-buy this product when i run out! (but not before, because i am a procrastinator). 5/5

april ipsy glam bag review

  1. 3. Moroccan Oil- I was always excited about this product! As soon as i opened it i was so happy because I’ve been wanting to try some different hair treatments. This stuff seriously smells DELICIOUS, and its a really condensed consistency so a little goes a long way. This product definitely makes my hair feel softer, but i think i could find a better product for my hair type. for that, i rate it a 4/5!
  2. 4. Tarte Lip cream- I was excited about this one simply because it was tarte, but upset because the color just doesn’t look good on me. I can’t let color preference hinder my whole review, and i actually would give this product a 5/5 based on texture, color vibrancy, and for the fact that it lasts SUPER long!! I swatched it on my arm, and when i tried to wash it off with water, it didn’t even smudge until i SCRUBBED it off my arm! It was impressive!
  3. 5. Crown brush- This crown brush seemed like just a useless brush to me when i first opened it, because i already have so many makeup brushes. (#MUAprobs) BUT THEN, i further examined it, and it looked like it would be the PERFECT brush for a generous dusting of hilighter, and it literally is the perfect brush! This is my favorite product of all, and i will use it every day for the rest of its life. 10/5

Hope you enjoyed your Ipsy glam bag as much as i did!! I am in no way affiliated with Ipsy, butt as a fellow makeup enthusiast, i think it is 100% worth the $10.00 a month for all of these amazing products!!

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XX -Kaylee

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