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Hey, guys!

Today’s post is a list of ways to be more confident! These things work for me if I’m ever lacking confidence and need a boost! Confidence is something that WAY too many people struggle with (including me). I can admit that I’m not always 100% confident, but over the years I’ve developed hacks + things that I can do to make myself feel WAYY more confident in anything I’m doing!

Looks aren’t everything, but for me, one of my golden rules in life is “Look good, feel good”. Whether you’re interviewing for a job, giving a presentation, or just going to the grocery store (ever “run” to the grocery store after you’ve just rolled out of bed and then run into someone you haven’t seen in years?) – if you think you look good, you will feel more confident. For me, NOTHING is worse than going through an entire day when I hate my outfit, or if I don’t think my hair looks good. I just don’t feel like I’m on my A-game, and I notice it in the way I talk to people, and how I lack making eye contact with people. Smaller things become more stressful, and daily tasks become more daunting. AND SO, this is a list of 5 ways that are tried and true (at least for me) that never fail to make me feel more confident!

  1. – Find clothes you love, and buy more of them – 
  2. Clothing is probably the number one way to improve your confidence. Go through your closet, and find the shirts you love! Find the outfits that you wish you could wear every day, and buy more like them! Buy them in neutrals, fun colors, and crazy patterns! Buy fancier versions, and dress down versions- get rid of all shirts you hate to wear (even just looking at them can bring you down). ignore trends. only buy what you love, and you will only wear what you love! (and don’t forget to donate your unwanted clothes!!)
  3. – Do More Research –
  4. This is a super broad hack because it can be applied to literally anything, but one huge cause for a lack of confidence for me is being unsure of something. For example, anytime I don’t know how to pronounce a word or phrase, I avoid using it so I don’t sound “dumb”, but this problem can easily be avoided by just looking it up! This strategy can be applied to any topic. Anytime you find yourself avoiding a word/phrase/topic because you’re unsure of it, WRITE IT DOWN and look it up later! Clear things up with yourself, and then next time the topic comes into play you will feel confident in knowing what you’re talking about! Knowledge is power!
  1. – Change your hairstyle – 
  2. Sometimes after having the same hairstyle for years, it stops being special to you, and it stops making you feel fabulous. You deserve to feel fabulous!! For a fresh change, go to a hairstylist you trust and tell her to do whatever she thinks will look best on you! Set some guidelines to make it safer and not too risky, but let her do what she wants! Hairstylists are usually hairstylists because they have a good eye. They will know what colors will look good with your skin tone, and what hairstyles will look good on your face! (think any makeover show ever when they see themselves after their haircut and they are ALWAYS so happy with the results).

– Make healthy life swaps –

Maybe you’re not ready to dive into a 6-day workout regiment, or to completely give up your cocktails. And you shouldn’t. But drinking more water throughout the day, swapping a granola bar for a banana, and ordering a veggie egg white flatbread from Dunkin instead of a bacon egg & cheese on a croissant are ALL a step in the right direction. Small swaps add up, and being healthier makes you more awake and alert! Being healthy makes you feel better in general which relates back to your overall confidence!! Sign up for a gym and make it a goal to go 1-2x /week, and you will feel amazing and glowy and fresh when you leave…and then maybe you’ll want to go more often!

-Take a deep breath, and make a to-do list –

 If you’re feeling overwhelmed and overly stressed by work, or by the number of errands you have to do, stop everything. Sit there, take some deep breaths, and make a to-do list. Write out the things you have to do that are stressing you out, and then re-write them in order of most importance. Seeing everything I have to do out on paper literally lifts a weight off my shoulders, and it feels so good to physically cross them off your list. While you’re deep breathing, remember that you WILL get through this, because you always do, and that you are a #GirlBOSS and the world is yours.

  • – Fake it ’til you make it- 

Above everything, fake it ’til you make it. Another golden rule of life. No one else knows that you’re freaking out inside your head, so pretend you’re not. Act as confident as possible and it will literally make you feel like you know what you’re doing (at least a little bit). I’ve read a lot of articles by successful people and they all say this rule is very important!

What makes you feel more confident?!

Thanks for reading!


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