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Hello people!

Let me start off by saying that my pumpkin spice drinking, giant sweater wearing, colorful leaf loving ass CAN NOT wait until Fall. I LOVE FALL!  Why do I love Fall so much? I love the smell of Fall, the crisp New England Fall air, the colorful leaves, Halloween, and basically everything else that Fall has to offer (not to mention my birthday is in late November, so it actually falls ON Thanksgiving every few years!!!). But what I love MOST about Fall? Fall clothes!! I literally LIVE for Fall fashion. Literally.

In an effort to flip my wardrobe as a whole, I have been getting rid of all of my “meh” clothes, and replacing them with better quality things that I love! However, being that I’m not a millionaire, I have been heavily relying on second-hand and thrift stores to do my shopping! In July I went to savers and bought a pair of high waisted Levis and a red Free People Puffer vest for $16.00, and in the beginning of August I went to Goodwill, and bought 3 sweaters that I am obsessed with, and I spent only $14.00! since then, I have been dying for Fall to come so I could wear all of my ‘new’ things!!

I seriously LOVE thrift stores. You can find amazing things for unreal prices that you can’t find anywhere else! Second hand shopping is a great way to really make your wardrobe uniquely your own!

Below are pictures of everything I bought, including details about each item!


1. Oversized colorful sweater- This sweater is first because it’s my favorite! I love the colors, and I love how big but not bulky the sweater is! I bought this sweater for like $5.99 at Goodwill!

My Fall Wardrobe My Fall Wardrobe

  1. 2. Button up L.L. Bean sweater- This sweater was another amazing find at Goodwill! It’s L.L. Bean, and I bought it for just $4.99! I love this sweater because I love this type of pattern..it’s just “so Fall” haha. This sweater is SUCH a good quality, and no first hand super sale will get you a sweater like this for this price!

My Fall Wardrobe My Fall Wardrobe

3. Black turtleneck- This was a great find because I really needed a classic black turtleneck! They are so diverse and a staple of a capsule wardrobe. Also, I feel like a french artist. lol..

4. Levi’s- I found me some Levi’s! I originally bought these jeans at Savers to cut for my How to Cut High Waisted shorts blog post, but I loved how they fit so much that I couldn’t bear to cut them! They’re boot cut, high waisted, and they’re wicked comfy! I bought these things for just $7.00!

My Fall Wardrobe

My Fall Wardrobe

5. Free People Puffer Vest- Last but definitely not least, I found this puffer vest at Savers for $8.00! I initially just thought it was cute, but when I checked the tag I was sold after seeing that a vest from Free People was only $8.00…I don’t know if you’ve heard of, or have ever been to Free People, but I walked into the store one time, walked straight to the 50% off rack, and ONE shirt at 50% off was $70.00!!! I can’t imagine the original price of this vest! I am in love with it!

My Fall Wardrobe      My Fall Wardrobe     My Fall Wardrobe

All of my new clothes together in one picture (,: #Theyresobeautiful #Ilovefall #basicbitch

Thanks for reading! Hope you find some good thrift store stuff on your own!

XX -Kaylee

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