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Hello & Welcome to a tour of my boyfriend and I’s tiny little second floor college apartment!

Our one bedroom, tiny bathroom, barely there kitchen- apartment doesn’t have much to offer in terms of size or luxury, but I wanted to do a blog post about it because it is our first apartment together (or in general), I’ve spent a lot of time collecting all of the decorations for it, and I’m proud of it how it has turned out! It’s a little quirky, but that is what I love the most about it because I will never really have the chance to decorate with this same style this later in life! I think I subliminally was going for an urban outfitters vibe with my apartment. I love colors, textures, candles, and fake plants because I kill the real ones, ha! I hope you like my apartment as much as I do (:


**Update: I have changed a couple things around since writing this post, and I have completely redone my bedroom and added the photos of it! I hope you enjoy (:

College Apartment Tour College Apartment Tour College Apartment Tour

College Apartment Tour

Blanket ft. my dog GUS, and white chair throw is actually a poncho that was crocheted by a very talented friend!! I love how it looks thrownover such a basic moon chair! Also, the ottoman was made for me by my amazingly talented grandparents!!

^Updated: My new marble dish & Himalayan salt candle holder

College Apartment Tour


College Apartment Tour

Same scented candle as seen in my bedroom back home! (click the link to see my other room!)

College Apartment Tour College Apartment Tour College Apartment Tour

J + K

College Apartment Tour College Apartment Tour

     My BEDROOM: 

I used to HATE being in my bedroom (which is the reason it wasn’t included in my original post). My bedroom was dark, crowded, and messy. It was basically just a giant closet where I slept and kept my clothes, but I spent NO time in it, which I hated. I really wanted my bedroom to be a place where I would like to be, or where I would like to stay in bed and read on the weekends- I just wanted to like my bedroom in general! Over the course of a few months, I reorganized, redecorated, and made my bedroom a happy place to be. It’s a little girlie for Jay but at least it’s not pink amirite?? I still want to add a few more decorations to the walls but right now, I am really happy with how my room turned out!

I have been wanting one of these clothing racks for FOREVER and I finally got one for Christmas! I  think they’re so stylish and I just love how they make a room look!

^These are the two books I am flipping between right now! So far I would recommend both (:

^this closet contains all of my “unaesthetic” clothes that don’t range fro black to white, lol.

      ^ this candle is beautiful and it smells like evergreen! When it burns out I will probably use the jar for makeup brushes!

Literally ALL of my decorations, soaps, candles have come from Home Goods, Marshall’s, Urban Outfitters, Michael’s and Target.

**Special shout out to my boyfriend Jason for letting me decorate our entire apartment, even if that means it’s a TEENSY bit girly. <3

Thanks for re-reading!

XX -Kaylee 

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