This blog is for girls who love Beauty + health + fashion + fun + lovin’ life. My name is Kaylee and I’m #ObsessedwithEverything!

I will be sharing all of my favorite makeup tips, purchases, beauty hacks, gym motivation, DIY’s, and random lifestyle posts. Every bit of information on this blog comes directly from my own personal life and experience! I only share the things I love, and that I actually use in my daily life, so you will never read about anything that I am not 100% obsessed with!

I am inspired by cities, nature, cute packaging, and anything glittery. I love photography, I have huge dreams of traveling, and I am a hardcore dog person. I am from Massachusetts but I hope to move to NYC or California within the next couple of years!

Just a girl tryna’ live my best life (and help you live yours)!

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  • – Feel free to come to me for any beauty-related questions or recommendations! If I can answer your questions I would LOVE to do so ( I could talk about makeup/skin care/ hair/ fashion for hours at any point in time lol) –
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