R E V I E W :: Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam


Hey, guys! For years now, I have followed beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, and Instagram models on (you guessed it), Instagram! These influencers are known for creating major hype for certain beauty products, and usually, if enough bloggers praise a certain beauty product, they become “cult favorites” (Better than Sex mascara, anyone?). One product that I’ve seen all of my favorite beauty bloggers promoting is Bondi Sands tanning foam. I’ve seen Bondi sands alllllll over the internet, and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try it, and since my summer tan is completely gone and I’m extremely sad about it, I ordered myself a bottle of the Ultra dark tanning foam to see...

R E V I E W :: Why You NEED Oval Makeup Brushes Right Now!

Introducing: The most amazing makeup brushes E V E R Okay maybe not “introducing”…I’m a little late trying out these oval makeup brushes. I’ve seen them all over the internet for months now, but I never really had any interest in them because I thought I was okay with using my regular brushes. For some reason, I didn’t think this brush style looked like it would be all that great, and I haven’t heard too much about them. As it turns out, they are EFFIN’ AMAZING. My mom put the bigger oval brush in my stocking for Christmas, and since then I have been OBSESSED, and I just recently purchased...