Wellness Wednesday :: DIY Himalayan Salt Sole Health Drink


Hey, guys! Happy Wellness Wednesday #2! Today’s post is a DIY for Himalayan salt Sole (so-lay), which is filtered water that has been completely saturated with pink Himalayan salt! This drink provides soooo many health benefits, so it’s a 2018 goal of mine to start my day off with a glass of sole every morning! – WHAT IS HIMALAYAN SALT – Himalayan salt is a natural salt from the Himalayan mountains. It’s chemical free, it’s packed with minerals and nutrients, it provides numerous health benefits, and best of all, it’s PINK! Unlike table salt which infamously causes bloating and high blood pressure + a million other health issues, Himalayan salt...

HAPPIE THOUGHTS :: Being Vegan for the Past Month


Hey, guys! So I DID the V-word! I went vegan!  I’ve never been a huge meat-eater, and I’ve been on and off vegetarian for years now, but a couple years ago if you asked me if I thought I’d be vegan, I would have said HELL no! I never thought that I would be vegan! I always thought that only super-strict, boring, crazies went vegan…until I did my research and realized how many amazing benefits there are to being vegan! It’s been one month, I’ve cheated 4 times, and I’m still considering myself vegan because that sh*t’s hard to quit (that sh*t being cheese). Becoming vegan is a huge lifestyle change,...

W E L L N E S S :: Healthy Grocery List Essentials

Hey, guys! Today I am sharing my essential groceries when I go shopping! I love being healthy, and I try to stick to a pretty reasonable budget, so I thought it would be cool to share the groceries I consistently buy every week! I’m no chef, and I am definitely not patient, so most of these ingredients produce quick, healthy, and easily prepared meals! I don’t buy any chips/ unhealthy snacks because I have zero self-control and I WOULD eat them if I know they’re in the house! I treat myself enough by going out to eat with friends, so I’m not restricting myself too much by not buying snacks;...