Wellness Wednesday :: DIY Himalayan Salt Sole Health Drink


Hey, guys! Happy Wellness Wednesday #2! Today’s post is a DIY for Himalayan salt Sole (so-lay), which is filtered water that has been completely saturated with pink Himalayan salt! This drink provides soooo many health benefits, so it’s a 2018 goal of mine to start my day off with a glass of sole every morning! – WHAT IS HIMALAYAN SALT – Himalayan salt is a natural salt from the Himalayan mountains. It’s chemical free, it’s packed with minerals and nutrients, it provides numerous health benefits, and best of all, it’s PINK! Unlike table salt which infamously causes bloating and high blood pressure + a million other health issues, Himalayan salt...

B E A U T Y :: How to Cancel Out Under Eye Circles & Morning Puffiness

It’s Monday morning (yes I know that today is actually Tuesday just go with it). The weekend really took its toll on you…maybe you had 1 too may glasses of wine or slices of pizza. Not enough sleep, and not enough water…and that’s okay because you had a fun weekend with #noragrets……until you wake up for work on Monday morning super groggy with puffy eyes and swollen skin. Nothing is worse for me than an extremely puffy morning. It  makes me feel groggy, and I hate doing my makeup when I look puffy! I also have sensitive skin and seasonal allergies so I wake up puffy more often than I’d...