DIY :: Urban Outfitters Inspired Art Prints


Hey, guys! As you know if you read enough or follow my Instagram or Youtube, OR (and especially) Pinterest, I looovve interior design! I am constantly changing my apartment around and trying to make my tiny space as pretty as possible (it’s a hobby at this point….I would love to do this professionally one day). I would love to own literally everything in Urban Outfitters apartment collection, but since I can’t bc ya girl is ballin’ on a budget, I have to get creative and do it myself (is DIM a thing?). If there was no budget my apartment would be the apartment of my dreams already, but unfortunately, that...

HAPPIE THOUGHTS :: Educating Yourself on Your Own Time

Hey, guys!  In today’s world, there are so many opportunities to learn, grow, and educate yourself! I once read a quote that said “successful people never stop learning” and it’s so true! Even if you think you’re an expert on a topic, be it cars, medicine, politics, fashion, hair, photography, or anything, you can always learn more. Keeping an open mind around your area of expertise is the only way to grow and eventually be one of the best! If you read a whole book and only learn one thing, that is one more thing you know! There is so much room for self-growth with that mindset! You may or...