L I F E S T Y L E :: Urban Outfitters Inspired Apartment Tour


Hey, guys! Today I’m showing you a tour of my apartment! If you’ve been following for a while, you saw my last apartment tour, but I’ve since moved, and I would also like to think that I’ve gotten a little better at decorating, too! A lot of my furniture is the same, but there are also a lot of new pieces from HomeGoods, Ikea, Target, Michaels, Urban Outfitters, and, since you know I’m a thrifty girl, we’ve even gotten a couple pieces from the side of the road! As always, shouts to my boyfriend Jay for letting me take (almost) complete control of the decorating! The apartment is a teeeensy...

INTERIOR DESIGN :: College Apartment Tour

Hello & Welcome to a tour of my boyfriend and I’s tiny little second floor college apartment! Our one bedroom, tiny bathroom, barely there kitchen- apartment doesn’t have much to offer in terms of size or luxury, but I wanted to do a blog post about it because it is our first apartment together (or in general), I’ve spent a lot of time collecting all of the decorations for it, and I’m proud of it how it has turned out! It’s a little quirky, but that is what I love the most about it because I will never really have the chance to decorate with this same style this later...