Wellness Wednesday :: Teeth Whitening with Activated Charcoal


Hey, guys! Today’s Wellness Wednesday is a post all about using activated charcoal for teeth whitening! You have probably seen the ads for activated charcoal all over Facebook, but if you haven’t, activated charcoal is the newest trend for at-home, DIY teeth whitening! This is a wellness-wednesday post because it’s a safe and natural way of whitening your teeth, compared to bleach whitening which can seriously damage your teeth, or laser whitening which will break the bank! I actually can’t even use whitening gel or strips or anything like that on my teeth because my teeth are SO sensitive, which is sad because I’ve always wanted to whiten my teeth,...

D I Y :: Turmeric Teeth Whitening

Happy Halloween!!!! Today I am sharing a recipe for natural teeth whitening with turmeric! A couple of months back a friend at work mentioned how she whitens her teeth with turmeric, and as someone who is obsessed with natural beauty solutions, I was all ears! I had never heard about such a thing before, and she told me it’s so easy and you can notice a difference after doing it just one time! That same night I went home to look it up on Pinterest, and sure enough there were tons of recipes for turmeric teeth whitening!! I have been doing it randomly throughout the week ever since, and I...