DIY :: Urban Outfitters Inspired Art Prints


Hey, guys! As you know if you read enough or follow my Instagram or Youtube, OR (and especially) Pinterest, I looovve interior design! I am constantly changing my apartment around and trying to make my tiny space as pretty as possible (it’s a hobby at this point….I would love to do this professionally one day). I would love to own literally everything in Urban Outfitters apartment collection, but since I can’t bc ya girl is ballin’ on a budget, I have to get creative and do it myself (is DIM a thing?). If there was no budget my apartment would be the apartment of my dreams already, but unfortunately, that...

W E L L N E S S :: 3 Products to Beat dry Winter Skin!

  Hey, guys! Today’s post is all about beating dry winter skin! I really thought I had it all figured out with my skincare routine. My skin has been great these past couple months so I figured I had my skincare routine DOWN…and then the Winter weather rolled in and my skin started drying, flaking, chapping, and looking dull AF. Every Winter for my WHOLE LIFE my face has gotten super dry and it’s painful and makes my makeup look terrible so I was  d e t e r m i n e d   to fix the problem immediately! With the research and recommendations from all of my favorite beauty...